Plans for Murphy bed

A Murphy bed is a perfect space saving solution for those living in small apartments. You can simply pull your Murphy bed down from the wall when you need it and can fold it back in the morning to have more room during the day.
It is also a good addition to the home if you like to have guests sleep over once in a while. If you intend on building your own Murphy bed, then there are a couple of things that you have to consider from the get go so that you can successfully pull it off.
You are going to need very reliable plans for Murphy bed projects and these will all hinge on your considerations.

Things to consider when picking out plans for Murphy bed

Type of Murphy bed you need

All Murphy beds are made with one thing in mind, to save space in your home. There are however different types of beds to choose from. You have the type that folds from the top down and then there is the type that will fold from the side down. When considering the type of bed that you are going to build, it will be a matter of the length and width of the wall where you want to fit it in.
The Murphy beds that fold from the top down require a wall that is not too wide. They will be fitted onto the wall with the head to the wall. The type that folds from the side down will require more wall space than the former as their length is to the wall.
Once you have considered the above two pointers, the next thing that you have to decide is the actual size of the bed you need. Will you require a twin, full or will you go for the queen size?
All of the above have to be considered because in the end they will determine the type of hardware you are going to need for the bed’s lowering and lifting mechanisms.

The Safety of the Bed

The plans for Murphy bed projects have to be more than reliable when it comes to your safety. First and foremost, the plans should explicitly outline the types of materials that you are going to need for frame. These materials must respect the kind of weight you expect to put on the bed for years to come. Make sure the plans tell you what materials will be good for what weight and style of the bed you have chosen.
The next thing that is of uttermost importance when it comes to how safe the bed is will be the mechanism that you pick. The mechanism should hold the bed when it is up on the wall. You do not need the bed to come crashing
down at you. The opposite applies as well. You definitely do not need the bed to spring back up while you sleep on it. You would literally be caught between a rock and a hard place. The mechanism should also not hurt you while you raise or lower from the wall. It must be smooth enough to raise and lower without too much effort but it should not harm you.

Style of the bed

Design is something that is important yet different for everybody’s tastes. Plans for Murphy bed projects must take your preferences and needs into consideration. When it comes to the design of the bed, you have to consider both when the bed is down and when it is up. Space is an issue if you have opted to get a Murphy bed; you therefore need to use the design to creatively optimize on the things that can help you out with space. This can be a design that lets the bedserve as a shelf, a desk or even a bookcase. You can also count on the bed’s decorative features to help soup up your room. You also have to make sure that the plans you choose leave some leeway for customization with a few ideas provided that you can improve on.

Easy to understand Plans

Building a Murphy bed is a difficult project especially if you are a first-timer. You therefore need to make sure that you choose a plan that will be very easy for you to understand. The instructions should be very straightforward to avoid frustration. The plan should also outline a few different techniques that you can use to achieve the same results

Go for patented plans

There are a lot of plans that you can find all over the internet. It is wiser to make sure that you go for patented plans. These are guaranteed to work. You can get the plans from manufacturer of mechanism you are going to buy. They are usually sold but it is worth the investment. Unlike the free plans, you will be able to also get some customer service to help you in case there are things you do not understand in the plans.