Grease Gun Tips and Tricks

All grease is pretty much the same. About three thousand years ago the Egyptians were believed to be the first ones to use grease in their chariot wheels. Since the 1940s lithium grease has been around. Today we tell you some brief tips and hints with grease guns. Number one. When you get your brand-new grease gun when you put that first tube of grease in that you need to push up a little bit extra amount of grease out of that tube. And the reason is that the grease guns new there’s a possibility of there being an air pocket up in the head. So we want to start right make sure there is grease up there. It creates a seal that creates that vacuum. So you push out a little bit extra amount of grease and then the gun is ready to grease. Hint number two. When you’re greasing with a grease gun pistol grip or elaborate handle, you got to make sure to give that handle a full compression and release stroke every time. So you got to press the handle let it back out and then you can depress it again let it back out. Sometimes people call in and say that they’re their grease gun isn’t working the reason is they’re taking a little stroke like a half a stroke on the handle. And it doesn’t give that piston inside enough of a stroke to go back create that long and bring that grease out. So you just got to make sure we need to press that handle let it back out every time. Hint number three. Maybe you take your tube of grease out and it’s just about empty. Now how are you gonna get that grease out of that tube? So you can keep greasing again. Some people go find a stick or a screwdriver and the reality is all you need is the hose on your grease gun. Just slide that in the bottom of that tube push on it and it’s gonna push it up the grease out of that tube. Then you’re ready to push it in thread it in and start greasing. This brings another problem that can arise – the tube is almost empty. The bottom of the plunger is gone so maybe the bottom will be damaged or it’s a little flimsy and you’re having trouble gripping onto it to turn it out. What do you do or maybe just screwed it in too tight. Well, you can take this metal barrel off the grease gun. And then you can grab it up by the top where it’s still firm and simply turn all that too. Then you can just screw that middle barrel back in again and you’re ready for the next breeze. Hopefully, these little tips make your life even easier with a grease gun. + Bonus: How to Assemble and Use a Grease Gun